Fire Protection Company Serving Colorado Wildland Homeowners

When a wildfire caused evacuation and the potential destruction of our owner’s home, he was inspired to find a solution that would protect their home from future destruction by forest fire. Colorado Firebreak, the new fire protection company they launched, had a lofty goal.

The team at Colorado Firebreak knew that wildfire mitigation solutions that focus only on the home offer inadequate protection. Their goal was to engineer and construct a system that would protect the home and create a firebreak around it.

Our team has extensive experience with high-pressure water systems, fire science, threat evaluation, and fire systems engineering, and this specialized knowledge and skill allowed us to create a unique wildfire protection system.  The system’s innovative design not only covers the home in a spray of advanced hydro gel, but also hydrates the trees and vegetation around the home producing a micro-climate that lowers air temperatures, raises humidity, and acts as a natural firebreak.

There is no system that offers your home 100% guaranteed protection from wildfire. But, by combining a Colorado Firebreak system with standard wildfire protection advice like clearing flammable debris and thinning vegetation, you can mitigate the risk to your home from a wildfire threat.

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