Why FireIce?

Colorado Firebreak’s Choice – FireIce® Gel

Colorado Firebreak is an authorized distributor of FireIce in Colorado. FireIce gel is the fire retardant of choice for Colorado Firebreak for three reasons:

  1. FireIce is non-toxic for the environment, children, pets and wildlife.
  2. FireIce can be stored as a powder for an indefinite period of time and becomes a gel quickly when mixed with a relatively small amount of water. This makes it ideal for use in our automated fire protection systems  –even when water is scarce.
  3. Because it is a gel, FireIce works far better than Class A foams to disrupt the fire triangle—the heat, oxygen, and fuel needed for combustion. When the surface of a home is coated with gel, it dissipates heat as high as 2000 degrees Fahrenheit and sets up a fire barrier preventing the fire from reaching fuel. By attacking two out of three of the fire triangle’s elements, FireIce gel can create a “green island” around your home when a wildfire threatens it.

Manufactured by GelTech Solutions, FireIce gel is non-corrosive and cleans up easily. Just rinse with water to wash it off. See a video comparing the effectiveness of FireIce to water and to Class A foams here.

The FireIce Home Defense Unit

For those with smaller homes who are looking for effective do-it-yourself wildfire protection, Colorado Firebreak recommends the FireIce Home Defense Unit. Using the same FireIce gel that our automated systems use, the Home Defense Unit is designed to deliver fire retardant through a powerful sprayer on wheels. It includes enough FireIce to cover a home up to 2,500 sq. ft. See a video showing how the FireIce Home Defense Unit works here.

Give Colorado Firebreak a call at 720.216.2126 for pricing and to order your Home Defense Unit.

Request a Free Consultation

Colorado Firebreak can show you how to use the Home Defense Unit, combined with FireIce gel fire retardant and the customary FireWise home safety techniques, to create a defensible space that can save your home in a wildfire.  Request a consultation from our team here. Ask your insurance agent about qualifying for special homeowner’s insurance discounts.