FireIce Home Defense Unit

Here at Colorado Firebreak we are proud to offer the homeowner a simple do-it-yourself fire retardant spray option that offers an effective, but more limited defense than our full wildfire mitigation system.

That solution is the FireIce® Home Defense Unit™. This unit(2600 PSI/2.3 Gallons Per Minute) is ideal for homeowners with homes smaller than 5,000 sq. feet.

Home Mitigation Unit

Utilizing the revolutionary FireIce® gel, the HMU can safeguard structures for up to 24 hours and protect from heat as high as 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit.

• FireIce® adheres to many different types of structures including Wood, Stucco, & Brick.

• FireIce® adds lasting protection to your shrubs, trees & surrounding landscape. FireIce® is easy to clean up. No pressure cleaning or harsh chemicals are needed to remove FireIce®, only a garden hose.

FireIce is not only innovative in its fire-fighting technology, it’s also environmentally friendly. FireIce is an all-natural product that cleans up by simply washing it off with water. It is non-toxic and does not damage plants or wildlife. Plus, it’s safe for use around pets and children.

Included with the FireIce® HDU are two buckets of FireIce®. Each bucket will provide 1,250 sq. ft of coverage. Additional buckets of FireIce® may be purchased as needed.

The FireIce® HDU sells for only $1,499.99. Contact Us today to order your Home Defense Unit.